1 The yield of forest product Log production summary.


– Total Log Production YTD 76,751m3.


2 Growth rates Summary of reassessment of PSP’s since the establishment – Two (2) PSPs established under SFC has been re-assessed and data analysis was done based on the data collected from year 2016-2019. Three (3) parameters were analysed:

Stand density & structure

Average density for the two (2) plots is 513 trees/ha, showing a reversed J-shape DBH class distribution

Mean Annual Increment (MAI)

Overall – 0.57 cm/yr

Dipterocarp – 0.58 cm/yr

Non-dipterocarp – 0.55 cm/yr


Overall – 1.1%

Dipterocarp – 0.45%

Non-dipterocarp – 1.75%

– Re-assessment of the thirty-two (32) PSPs established under Pinnacle Forest Solutions S/B to be done on a 3-5 years interval (2021/2022).

3 Forest regeneration Species composition and no. of sapling recorded – Data analysis by SFC still in progress.
4 Forest Condition Diameter distribution and forest quality – Refer to item no 2 and 5.
5 The composition of Flora and Fauna List of flora and fauna found in FMU



– The analysis was conducted based on pre-harvest inventory in Coupe 12 AR (II) and Coupe 1 AR.  Total of 5,326 ha has been assessed.

– Data for both coupes showed the dominance of the Dipterocarpaceae family at an average of 59% and 41% from non-Dipterocarpaceae family.  The highest number of tree identified is Shorea spp.


a) Wildlife Monitoring at Suau Salt Lick

– Data of five (5) camera traps installed at Sg. Suau in October 2018 has been downloaded in February 2019 and analysed. Total of nine (9) species of fauna has been identified. The most active wildlife is thick-billed green pigeon (51%) followed by sambar deer (22%) and bearded pig (15%).

b) Collaboration Study with Leibniz-IZW

–  A collaboration study/research with Leibniz – IZW has been initiated from April – October 2019. A total of 2,468 and 2,225 independent records were collected in phase 1 and phase 2 data collection respectively. Tentative high detected fauna are common porcupine, great argus and bearded pig. The data will be updated once received comprehensive report from Leibniz.

6 Changes in Flora and Fauna Number and abundance of species found in FMU & comparison between earlier and recent assessment.



a) Flora

– Timber species composition slightly differ in the composition of dipterocarp and non-dipterocarp (60% dipterocarp and 40% non-dipterocarp for Coupe 12 AR (II) and 58% dipterocarp and 42% non-dipterocarp for Coupe 1AR).

b) Fauna

– Currently, monitoring result on change of fauna composition cannot be captured until at least 2nd monitoring data has been collected.

7 Environmental Impacts of Forest Operation Harvesting Impact – The study is still on-going.
EIA Approval term and condition


– No monitoring report was prepared by Ecosol Consultancy Sdn. Bhd. as the monitoring was covered under Environmental Compliance Audit.

– Two (2) internal ECAs has been successfully conducted in July and December 2019 and passed the ECA with achievement of 96.8% and 95.6% compliance respectively.

8 Social Impact of Forest Operation Evidence of FPIC and joint identification of special sites for native – Six (6) consultations have been conducted with local communities at Rh. Mero, Rh. Gendang, Sekapan Panjang, Rh. Empang and Rh. Michael Nyaleng.
Evidence of provision of SCR / Community services – YTD, the FMU donated RM69,440.66 for the longhouse renovation, education fund, donation for festival celebration and etc.
Number of forest encroachment – YTD, no forest encroachment recorded.
Number of complaint, disputes and conflict encountered with directly affected native – YTD, no complaint, disputes and conflict encountered with directly affected native recorded.
Number of property damage – YTD, no property damage recorded.
9 Occupational Safety and Health Number of serious accident per annum – No serious accident recorded.
Number of minor accident per annum – One (1) minor accident reported to DOSH Sibu through JKKP 6.
Number of near-miss incident per annum – No near miss incident recorded.
10 Cost of forest management Harvesting cost per ha – Cost of harvest RM 8,214/ha.
Administration / overhead cost per ha – Average admin cost is RM 1,244.36/ha.
11 The productivity of forest management Harvested area per annum -YTD total 2,551 ha had been harvested.
12 Forest Protection The number’s of forest encroachment per annum. – YTD no forest encroachment recorded.
13 Efficiency of forest management Machine productivity by contractor (production / machine hour, production / machine / month) – Excavator wincher – 492m3/unit/month

– Tractor (skidder) – 492m3/unit/month

– Logging truck – 581m3/unit/month

Total harvesting cost per m3 delivered to log yard. – Average harvesting cost per m3 delivered to log pond is RM 312/m3.
Cost of enrichment planting per ha – The average cost of enrichment planting RM 1,001.70/ha.
Cost of road maintenance per km. – The average cost of road maintenance RM 3,053/km.

(updated by SFM on 10 Jun 2020)

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