a) Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the timber harvesting operation within Forest Timber License No. T/0560 was carried out by Ecosol Consultancy Sdn. Bhd. in March 2017 and the EIA report was submitted to NREB on 3rd August 2017. The EIA report was approved by the NREB on 19th December 2017 vide letter reference number (20)NREB/6-3/2F/93.

Raplex FMU committed to protect the environment through the implementation of mitigation measures to minimize risk and impacts of forest activities on pollution of watercourses, forest fire, carbon stock, climate change and conservation of biological diversity.

Environmental impacts may remain after mitigation measures have been implemented. Therefore, Raplex FMU has conducted series of monitoring such as monitoring of water quality, logging damages, soil erosion and sedimentation. In 2018, Raplex FMU has participated in the second batch of Pilot Project for Environmental Audit organized by the Natural Resources and Environmental Board (NREB), Sarawak and coordinated by Sarawak Timber Association (STA).

b) Social Impact Assessment (SIA)

The management of Raplex FMU has commissioned an independent consultant Ecosol Consultancy Sdn Bhd to conduct social evaluation through consultation on the social impact of forest operations directly affecting the communities. The SIA report was completed in June 2017. During the Social Impact Assessment study carried out by consultant, dialogue sessions with the affected local communities were organised. Social impact has been identified and mitigation measures have been outlined to minimize or avoid any potential adverse impact. To ensure compliance with the mitigation measure, compliance monitoring will be conducted annually by FMU.

Table below are updated list of settlements located within Raplex FMU based on consultation with Community Representative Committee (CRC)

No.Name of villageLocation by river systemEthnicitySettlement Location
1Rh Japok Batang RajangIbanWithin
2Rh PalusLubok DabaiIbanWithin
3Rh Gendang ak BiliSungai PilaIbanWithin

Table below are updated list of settlements located adjacent Raplex FMU based on consultation with Community Representative Committee (CRC)

No.Name of villageLocation by river systemEthnicitySettlement Location
1Rh Kulleh Siluk (Punan Biau)Batang RajangPunanAdjacent
2Rh JackySungai PilaIbanAdjacent
3Rh Brian Mering (Punan Bah)Batang RajangPunanAdjacent
4Rh Dari JelawingBatang RajangPunanAdjacent
5Uma BadangLong DunganKenyahAdjacent
6Uma TevokBatang RajangKayanAdjacent
7Uma Amang Matu (Sekapan Panjang)Sekapan PanjangSekapanAdjacent
8Uma Tiau Sirek (Sekapan Piit)Sekapan Pi’itSekapanAdjacent
9Rh Jamit ak JinggaSungai PilaIbanAdjacent
10Rh Asan (Rh Lanting)Batang RajangIbanAdjacent
11Rh William ak JeteBatang RajangIbanAdjacent
12Rh Michael Nyaleng (Rh Tanjong)Batang RajangTanjongAdjacent
13Rh Stephen JelawingBatang RajangPunanAdjacent
14Rh Asing (Rh Lat)Batang RajangIbanAdjacent
15Rh Ladang KelukaBatang RajangPunanAdjacent
16Rh Kanyan ak ManaiBatang RajangIbanAdjacent
17Rh Sabang ak JampungBatang RajangIbanAdjacent
18Rh Aji ak UgilSungai PilaIbanAdjacent
19Rh Empang ak EbaSungai PilaIbanAdjacent
20Rh ProtasiSungai PilaIbanAdjacent

c) Social Harvesting Impact

Malaysian Criteria and Indicators for Sustainable Forest Management Indicator 8.1.2 requires the FMU to identify and implement appropriate monitoring procedures, in accordance with the scale and intensity of the forest management operations, for assessing social impact harvesting. The monitoring will determine the impact of harvesting operations on the affected community located within or adjacent to the FMU.

According to the SOP, social harvesting impact will be conducted in three (3) operational stages of every coupe as follows,

Pre-harvestUpon the approval of DP and PEC operations 1-4 by the Forest Department Sarawak (FDS)
HarvestingUpon the approval of PEC Operation 5 or during harvesting (felling and extraction)
Post-harvestUpon completion of the harvesting operation or expiry of the last PEC operation, 5

The FMU has consulted the affected local community for Coupe 04A, Coupe 05A and Coupe 06A.

1202204AUma Tevok & Uma TanjongHarvest
2202305AUma Sekapan PanjangPre-harvest
3202306AUma Sekapan PiitPre-harvest