The management currently has committed to forest research projects related to forest growth and wildlife survey. These projects are;

A. Scientific Collaboration on The Identification and Monitoring of Endangered, Rare and Threatened Species and Their Habitats for Sustainable Forestry

This research is aim to gather and analyse the relevant information on the dynamics, occurrence, occupancy and distribution of terrestrial medium to large mammalian species near salt licks in the FMU and the information can then potentially be used as baseline data for forest management planning and the management and monitoring of the High Conservation Value (HCV) in relation to the distribution to Endangered, Rare and Threatened species near biological importance area such as salt lick.

B. Establishment, Monitoring and Maintenance of Permanent Sample Plot (PSP) for FMU

In order to continuously monitor the forest stand and growth development over long periods, 22 SUs from FRA has been selected through Ranked Set Sampling (RSS) method and convert into PSP. Raplex FMU has successfully established all 22 FRA-based PSPs in September 2023. The PSP data has forwarded to FDS for AAC projection. Re-assessment of the PSP is to be carried out periodically on a 3-5 years interval. As at December 2023, re-assessment has completed for 2 plots.